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Aerial View of Distribution Center

K&J Jones Logistics is an independent truck dispatch company headquartered that provides high quality dispatch services for owner-operators and trucking companies.  After engaged in numerous conversations with multiple drivers, a recurring theme emerged: the longing for a reliable and dependable Dispatcher. Time and again, drivers expressed their frustration with the lack of effective communication and coordination from their current dispatchers. At K&J Jones logistics, we understand the significance of a competent Dispatcher in ensuring a smooth and efficient operation for truck drivers. We are determined to address this concern head-on and provide drivers with the dependable Dispatchers they deserve. 


K&J Jones Logistics recognizes that a dependable Dispatcher serves as a crucial link between drivers and the logistics team. By actively listening to drivers' concerns and understanding their unique needs, we are committed to matching each driver with a Dispatcher who possesses the necessary skills, expertise, and dedication to excellence. Our Dispatchers will proactively communicate and collaborate with drivers, ensuring that they receive timely updates, accurate information, and clear instructions, ultimately facilitating a seamless and productive work experience. With our focus on dependable Dispatchers, we aim to alleviate drivers' frustrations and enhance their overall satisfaction on the road. 

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