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Aerial View of Distribution Center

K&J Jones Logistics recognizes that a dependable Dispatcher serves as a crucial link between drivers and the logistics team. Our Dispatchers will proactively communicate and collaborate with drivers, ensuring that they receive timely updates, accurate information, and clear instructions, ultimately facilitating a seamless and productive work experience. With our focus on dependable Dispatchers, we aim to alleviate drivers' frustrations and enhance their overall satisfaction on the road. 

Carrier Set Up Process

We work for YOU

Our carrier setup process is simple. Once you’re ready to start working with us, we will forward you a carrier application packet to get started. Once we’ve received the necessary paperwork, you’ll be introduced to your personal dispatcher and our work immediately begins. 


To initiate the dispatcher process, all you need to do is complete the Dispatcher Packet. This comprehensive packet includes: 




Once these forms are filled out, the next step is to: 

  • Provide us with a copy of your (MC) Motor Carrier Authority 

  • Copy of your W9 form 

  • (COI) Certificate of Insurance  


If applicable, a (NOA) Notice of Assignment if you are affiliated with a factoring company.  


These documents are crucial for us to proceed with our services and ensure a smooth working relationship. 

Wholesale is Available

Wholesale options are available, learn more about  acquiring goods in bulk at competitive prices.

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